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SCCA - Colorado Region

Saturday, Oct 17 — Sunday, Oct 18, 2020

La Junta Raceway, La Junta, CO

This event has something for EVERYONE - JOIN THE FUN! 


Regional  24 entries

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Group 1   15 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
18 Avatar Image Hall, Keith Formula F 1998Van Diemen RF98Westwoods Motor Classics Arvada, CO
75 Avatar Image Messenger, Jay Formula F 2002Van Diemen FFPrimus,RaceDog,Messenger Racing Muleshoe, TX
64 Placeholder Avatar Lauer, Bill Formula Vee 1998Protoform P2Town Royal Emporia Ks, Robbins Ranch, Cottonwood Falls, KS
7 Placeholder Avatar Rogers, Bryan Formula Vee 1992Mysterian M2Autopylot Design Works Marblehead, MA
4 Placeholder Avatar Taylor, Paul Eric Formula Vee 1994FV Mysterian Littleton, CO
14 Avatar Image Wayman, Dustin Formula Vee 1993Speed Sport "Citation"321GO! / Telluride Distillery / D2DT Grand Junction, CO
45 Placeholder Avatar Anderson, Jim Formula X 1998Star Formula Mazda Ft. Collins, CO
49 Placeholder Avatar Lauer, Michael Formula X Star Race Cars FM24/7 Fitness , Uncle Dave Cottonwood Falls, KS
72 Avatar Image Boley, Nick Regional Ford 1978PRS RH01 Monument, CO
10 Placeholder Avatar Cameron, Michael C Spec Racer Ford 3 1988Spec Racer Ford Surface Exploration Highlands Ranch, CO
47 Placeholder Avatar Flessa, Karl Spec Racer Ford 3 1988SpecRacerFord SRF3Desert Moose Racing Tucson, AZ
41 Placeholder Avatar Nelson, James E Spec Racer Ford 3 Spec Racer Ford SRF3LaRue Motorsports Westminster, CO
61 Placeholder Avatar Pielsticker, Rob Spec Racer Ford 3 1990SCCA Enterprises Spec Racer Ford Gen 3Bravo Screen Printing/ Alertive Healthcare Colorado Springs, CO
91 Placeholder Avatar Tibor Jr, Jim Spec Racer Ford 3 Enterprises SRFLaRue Motorsports/Jacob Silver Plume, CO
166 Avatar Image Wright, R. B. Spec Racer Ford 3 1999SCCA Enterprises SRF3Synebar Solutions Corrales, NM

Class Totals: Formula F: 2, Formula X: 2, Formula Vee: 4, Regional Ford: 1, Spec Racer Ford 3: 6

Group 3   9 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
3 Placeholder Avatar Lear, Boyd GT-2 2003Chevrolet Monte CarloDrussel Precision Rifles/Lear Speed Garden City, KS
337 Placeholder Avatar Reh, Michael ITB 1983Volkswagen Rabbit GTiKlaus. Rocky Mountain Autohaus, Dart Auto Thornton, CO
64 Avatar Image Fitzpatrick, Joshua STU 2007Volkswagen Jetta GLI Pueblo, CO
8 Placeholder Avatar Hamer, Brett Spec RX-7 1984Mazda RX-7MC Motorsports, Skyline Performance Aurora, CO
74 Avatar Image Melanson, Robert Spec RX-7 1985Mazda RX7MCMotorsports, Western steel Black Forest , CO
88 Placeholder Avatar Miller, Christian Spec RX-7 1983Mazda RX7MCMotorsports, Skyline Auto Performance Canon City, CO
58 Avatar Image Miller, Mark Spec RX-7 1982Mazda RX7L.G. Everist, MCMotorsports, Skyline Auto Performance Canon City, CO
96 Avatar Image Maybury IV, Alfred G Super Touring Lite 1992Mazda Miata Lakewood, CO
986 Avatar Image Morris, Cecil Touring 3 1997Porsche BoxsterDauntless Racing Denver, CO

Class Totals: Spec RX-7: 4, GT-2: 1, Touring 3: 1, Super Touring Lite: 1, STU: 1, ITB: 1

Time Trials  13 entries

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Group 2   8 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
96 Placeholder Avatar Councill, Benjamin Time Trials Advanced 2001Chevrolet - Factory Motorsports - My bank account Colorado Springs, CO
66 Placeholder Avatar Davis, Rick Time Trials Advanced 2011Toyota CamryAdvanced mobile automotive diagnostics LLC. Pueblo, CO
54 Placeholder Avatar Neal, Dustin Time Trials Advanced 2008BMW 335i Windsor, CO
19 Avatar Image Pritchard, Lanette Time Trials Advanced 2019Chevrolet Camaro ZL1United Precision Engineering Greeley, CO
18 Avatar Image Pritchard, Shane Time Trials Advanced 2018Chevrolet Corvette Grand SportUnited Precision Engineering Greeley, CO
437 Placeholder Avatar Ross, Cory Time Trials Advanced 2003BMW M3 Carbondale, CO
155 Avatar Image Stern, Alice Time Trials Advanced 2005Subaru STiAscend Your Brand Colorado Springs, CO
426 Placeholder Avatar Wood, Adam Time Trials Advanced 2001Subaru Impreza Outback Sport AZTEC, NM

Class Totals: Time Trials Advanced: 8

Group 4   5 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
93 Placeholder Avatar Paula, Sergio Time Trials Intermediate 1999Porsche 911 C4 Peyton, CO
16 Placeholder Avatar Willsey, Jeffrey Time Trials Intermediate 2014Ford Focus ST colorado springs, CO
144 Placeholder Avatar O'Keefe, Jesse Time Trials Novice 2007Lexus IS350 Grand Junction, CO
73 Placeholder Avatar Porter, Michael Time Trials Novice 1992Mazda MX-5 DENVER, CO
27 Avatar Image Shapiro, Jesse Time Trials Novice 2013Mazda MX-5 Parker, CO

Class Totals: Time Trials Novice: 3, Time Trials Intermediate: 2

Volunteers  39 entries
  39 entries
Name Class Hometown
Placeholder Avatar Carter, Will Volunteer - Course Set up and Take Down Longmont, CO
Placeholder Avatar Chick, Andrew Volunteer - Emergency Services Loveland , CO
Placeholder Avatar Framel, James Volunteer - Emergency Services Yoder, CO
Placeholder Avatar Priola, Mike Volunteer - Emergency Services Thornton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Surface, Jessica Volunteer - Emergency Services Thornton, CO
Placeholder Avatar Fenter, Robby Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) LaJunt, CO
Avatar Image Hopkins, Christy Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) Golden, CO
Avatar Image Hull, Laurence Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) Idaho Falls, ID
Avatar Image Kajko, Ed Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) Arvada, CO
Placeholder Avatar Kajko, Peter Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) Arvada, CO
Avatar Image Melanson, Amanda Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) Black Forest , CO
Placeholder Avatar Porter, Neal Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) Lajunta, CO
Placeholder Avatar Rossiter, Luke Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) Denver, CO
Avatar Image Shuler, Ed Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) Aurora, CO
Placeholder Avatar Shaw, Monica Volunteer - Flag & Communication (Tower) Des Moines, IA
Placeholder Avatar Frank, Chris Volunteer - Hospitality Aurora, CO
Placeholder Avatar Shuler, Ansley Volunteer - Merchandise Indianapolis, IN
Placeholder Avatar Massey, Teresa Volunteer - Pit and Grid Littleton, CO
Placeholder Avatar VanWestenberg, Trisha Volunteer - Pit and Grid Pueblo, CO
Avatar Image McColl, Michelle Volunteer - Race Administration Thornton, CO
Avatar Image Braun, Annita Volunteer - Registration Aurora, CO
Avatar Image Stinehelfer, Ann Marie Volunteer - Registration Copper Mountain, CO
Avatar Image Stinehelfer, James Volunteer - Registration Copper Mountain, CO
Placeholder Avatar Wayman, Doyle Volunteer - Registration Las Vegas, NV
Avatar Image Boley, Nick Volunteer - Starter Monument, CO
Placeholder Avatar McLeod, Liz Volunteer - Starter Denver, Co
Placeholder Avatar Shaw, R J Volunteer - Starter Des Moines, IA
Placeholder Avatar Street, Leah Volunteer - Starter Parker, CO
Placeholder Avatar Misura, Chick Volunteer - Stewarding Boulder, CO
Placeholder Avatar Plute, David Volunteer - Stewarding Superior, CO
Avatar Image Winning, Theodore Volunteer - Stewarding Parker, CO
Placeholder Avatar LaRue, Nikki Volunteer - Tech / Scrutineering Centennial, CO
Avatar Image Messenger, Jay Volunteer - Tech / Scrutineering Muleshoe, TX
Placeholder Avatar Wayman, Doyle Volunteer - Tech / Scrutineering Las Vegas, NV
Avatar Image McLeod, Paul Volunteer - Time Trials Competition Director Denver, CO
Avatar Image Dussex, Ryan Volunteer - Time Trials Instructor PLatteville, CO
Avatar Image Frank, John Volunteer - Timing and Scoring Aurora, CO
Placeholder Avatar Rossi, Adam Volunteer - Timing and Scoring Parker, CO
Placeholder Avatar Rossi, Hannah Volunteer - Timing and Scoring Parker, CO

Class Totals: Volunteer - Course Set up and Take Down: 1, Volunteer - Emergency Services: 4, Volunteer - Flag & Comminication (Corner Worker) : 9, Volunteer - Flag & Communication (Tower): 1, Volunteer - Hospitality: 1, Volunteer - Merchandise: 1, Volunteer - Pit and Grid: 2, Volunteer - Race Administration: 1, Volunteer - Registration : 4, Volunteer - Starter: 4, Volunteer - Stewarding: 3, Volunteer - Tech / Scrutineering: 3, Volunteer - Timing and Scoring: 3, Volunteer - Time Trials Competition Director: 1, Volunteer - Time Trials Instructor: 1

TT - Free Session  3 entries
Free Volunteer Time Trial Session   3 entries
# Name Class YearMakeSponsor Hometown
2 Placeholder Avatar Rossi, Adam Time Trial Volunteer Session 2015Infiniti Q40 Parker, CO
2 Placeholder Avatar Rossi, Hannah Time Trial Volunteer Session 2016Infiniti Q40 Parker, CO
28 Placeholder Avatar Rossiter, Luke Time Trial Volunteer Session 2013Audi S5 Denver, CO

Class Totals: Time Trial Volunteer Session : 3

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